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"White Swan" sent the central midfielder to "Red Devils" held a Rackford Crayon.
[Image: news201710240624954.jpg]
ผลบอลสด"Red Devils" Manchester United's old champion of this list. With a minor league game in the opening match with Spurs on Saturday, this match, Jose Mourinho, Marcus Rashford, who is backing the game in the starting lineup. In a game against the "Swans" Swansea with a keyman Lee Le Roy fir flat out of control. In the English Cup Carnival 4 rounds Tuesday, October 24, 2560.Stadium: Liberty Stadium, 01.45

    Paul Clements consultant '' White Swan '' Swansea team to do the best job lost to Leicester 1-2 to lose 3 in the last 4 games.    

    This team game. Clement will be using Kyle Bartley (knee) to hurt before, like Wilfred Boone, injured back ligaments will return to the back of this knee.  
    But the good news is that Lee Royfer Ferret pitch. Will be flat out back. Teaming up with Rogaa Mesa for the fourth successive game, and Renato Sanchez, with Ki-ju playing alongside Tammy Roach, Luciaผลบอลสด Yoann Singh is the main character.
    Jose Mourinho led the team to lose the first game of the season. Raiders lost to Huddersfield 1-2. 
    The bad news of the game was that Phil Jones, a key quarterback. Injuries will not be sent to play this match. There are also Erik Bibi, Marcos Roho, Michael Carrick, Paul Pablo, Marouane Fellini and Slila. Ibrahimovic
    This must be measured that Mourinho will send Vic Linder Love to make mistakes. But with the option of having less options, Lindsay Lohan may have excused himself for staring alongside Chris Smallning, Matteo Darman and Dalley Blind. Right and left
    As well as the Nemanja Matiche, midfielder Ser Mourinho may choose to continue playing because they want to win this match to be excused by the kid, Scott McMenney, who just renewed. The position of the Mathis, the striker has the opportunity to push Marcusผลบอลสด Rashford to stand in front of the goal instead of Luke. 

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